Natty Rems

A mile higher than the rest. Established on a foundation of quality over quantity, we aim to cultivate[…]

Eureka Vapor

Loyal to the Oil

EUREKA is proud to have always provided their customers with 100% natural oil:  pesticide- free, solvent-free, and never cut or altered with MCT, PG, VG, or Vitamin E Acetate. Utilizing only the finest naturally derived terpenes, EUREKA’s oil is known for capturing the full aroma, effects, and flavor profiles of your favorite strains without compromising the potency or integrity of the oil.

For nearly a decade, EUREKA has treated their customers like family choosing to put them first above profit – providing access to clean, safe, all natural oil that you can trust, and afford!


At Evolab, our primary concerns are the same as yours — quality and safety. We believe in the power of the flower. Because of that, we’ve always produced pure products that are carefully crafted to reflect the essence of the flower, with nothing else getting in the way. That means no PEG’s, no vitamin E oil, no vitamin E acetate, and no other questionable chemicals. Just cannabis.

Green Dot Labs

Discover the purest expression of cannabis with Green Dot Labs premium extracts. Our award-winning Black Label Live Resin™ products are designed for the cannabis connoisseur, delivering vibrant terpenes and potent cannabinoids for an experience you can’t find anywhere else.

Viola Brands

Viola integrates the latest cutting-edge technology and proprietary processes from seed to sell offering premium products in each of our markets. Our mission is to increase equity within the cannabis space and positively impact communities by reinvesting into those most affected by the war on drugs.

Kush Masters

We are proud to call ourselves the Kush Masters and we work hard every day to elevate our products, the cannabis community and to provide you with an experience that is second to none.

West Edison Cannabis Concentrates

At West Edison we strive to produce the most flavorful and potent concentrates possible. We operate in one of the most technologically advanced labs in Colorado. We inspect, evaluate, and test all of our concentrates we make to insure the highest quality & efficacy. Whether you are an experienced dabber or new to concentrates, chances are West Edison has a product to suit your needs.

Robhots Edibles

High-quality made from scratch marijuana-infused gummies with a focus on amazing taste, consistency, and a wide variety of options. The top-selling medical gummies in the nation in 2019 & 2020.

Dutch Girl Stroopwafel

CannaPunch Dutch Girl Stroopwafels. These delicious waffle cookies are inspired by traditional Dutch Stroopwaffles. These treats are made by creating a thin waffle, cutting it in half, and then filling it with a delicious chewy caramel. It is perfect treat with any warm beverage!

Nordic Goddess

Nordic Goddess’ Infused Body Balm combines a unique mix of plant extracts and healing herbs to create a rejuvenating experience for your skin. Rich moisturizing ingredients including shea butter, tropical coconut oil, and cocoa butter compliment cannabis-extracted CBD to provide anti-inflammatory and pain relieving benefits in a lavish cream.

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