In China, as early as 2900 BCE, marijuana was used for medical purposes. The then-emperor, Emperor Fu Hsi made reference to marijuana, which is known as Ma in Chinese. The healing properties of marijuana were discovered thereafter, and the use of cannabis then spread all over the world, from Greece through to Africa.

Did you know that at one point, Muslim doctors used marijuana to reduce sexuality? This was common practice in the 1500s. Presidents and internationally acclaimed persons allegedly smoked marijuana or grew it in order to use for medicinal purposes, including Shakespeare and Washington.

Presently, marijuana is used for medicinal purposes, as long as a medical prescription is given by a doctor.

The Strains of Medical Marijuana

There are three major strains of weed used for medical purposes. The method of consumptions varies, as others are consumed as edibles while others are smoked as joints or spliffs. The major marijuana strains used for medical purposes are Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid.

The Sativa strain can be found as a skinny plant whose (leaf)leaves are crushed into weed. They can go as high as 20 feet and mainly serve to relieve patients off their symptoms. When using Sativa, the patient does not end up exhausted and unable to go about his other businesses. Indica, on the other hand, grows wide and dense, unlike the tall Sativa plants. Most times, their buds are the parts that are crushed into weed. Moreover, the patient taking indica suffers from exhaustion as this strain has sedative effects. These two strains are known to relieve them from diseases and disorders like anxiety and panic attacks, among others.

This article aims to discuss the hybrid strain of medical marijuana and the health benefits accompanied by it.


Hybrid medical marijuana is a strain of weed that can be used for medicinal purposes. This strain does not lie in the extremes like Sativa and Indica. Instead, its effects and properties are somewhat the averages of the two strains above. Here’s why.

Hybrid is a tailored strain that is customized depending on the exact needs of the user. For this reason, hybrid Sativa cannot be generalized under one specific name and explained using a unique set of characteristics, because their characteristics vary.

Examples of hybrid Sativa include Strawberry Kush, which is grown in North America, Ingrid, which is found throughout California, Blackberry Rhino, which has more Indica characteristics than Sativa ones, and the Monster Cookies, an edible form of weed with strong effects.

What are the Benefits of Hybrid Medical Marijuana

There are many benefits of medical marijuana, with some of the most beneficial purposes for utilizing the drug including the following:

  1. a) The effects of cannabis hybrids can be customized.

When you go shopping for hybrids or when you go to a dispensary to fill a prescription, you can decide what effects you want to get from the weed. This might also be dependent on the doctor’s prescription. This is unlike Indica and Sativa whose effects are at the extreme ends of the spectrum, because with hybrids one will achieve an effect that corresponds with the amount of each strain included in the strain mixture.

  1. b)Medical Marijuana hybrids relieve the negative symptoms of a number of diseases and disorders.

The interesting thing about hybrids is that it they feature a combination of the extreme results that sativas and indicas produce, and this means that you can customize them to treat the symptoms of many disorders. When highly concentrated in Indica, hybrids can counter the effects of anxiety, arthritis, panic attacks, and chronic pain. When concentrated in sativa, hybrids can remedy the symptoms of nausea, depression, headaches, and migraines, and the lack of appetite.

  1. c) Hybrid Strains can be made into Edibles.

Everyone has their preferences, and others might prefer their weed in tea, others as seeds, others as a spliff and others in their food. With hybrids, this is possible, as the method of consumption is decided by the patient.

Medical marijuana has been used since centuries back, and the medical benefits have remained relevant until present day. Marijuana can be found in different forms, including wax, oil, joints and even in tea and cookies. However, it is addictive for some, and therefore while using it for medical reasons, ensure that you get a doctor’s prescription and stick to it. Always remember that buying of marijuana in a local shop or joint is prohibited in most states.

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