Cannabis edible is also known as cannabis-infused food. Cannabis edible is safe, marijuana-infused food product containing cannabinoids and consumed for both recreational and medical purposes. At Trinidad and Walsenburg, there are many delicious options available for the medical marijuana patients.

The edibles provide an option for those who choose not to smoke or are unable to smoke for various reasons. Edibles come in many different varieties such as the candy, cookies, drinks, spreads, snacks, chocolate bars, brownies, and much more.

What are the Benefits of Cannabis Edibles?

When preparing these infused foods, first you must cook the cannabis bud, plant, or leaf in fats and alcohols since cannabinoids are soluble within such materials. Cooking the plant in fats and alcohols enables the cannabinoids to infuse into the food and activate the psychoactive effects.

First, you use a grinder to make the cannabis buds, plants or its leaf into powder form then you heat the plant until the effect causes decarboxylation of its cannabinoid, THCA. Then it converts into psychoactive THC found in the seeds. Below are some of the reasons why consuming edibles is deemed healthier than smoking marijuana in a joint through other various smoking methods.

  • When consumed orally, cannabis enters the bloodstream after digestion in the stomach and then it is absorbed in the intestines. Consuming the infused food is a healthier alternative to inhaling the smoke since the individual is never exposed to tar, carbon, carcinogens, and numerous other harmful substances found in the smoke. These risks can only increase if the patient rolls spliffs–or joints composed of marijuana and tobacco mixed together.
  • Doctors prescribe edible marijuana for people who cannot smoke due to problems like patients with supplemental oxygen. Strains that test high in cannabinoid are also an excellent source of nausea-reducing medicine, especially for people with eating and digestive problems.
  • Edibles are also a source of essential nutrients and calories. These are helpful for the cancer patients suffering from nausea developed due to their treatments and expectant mothers who are plagued with morning sickness.
  • Edible weed is also a preferred method of consumption as it is a safe way to medicate, and also it offers longevity of the effects when ingested as compared to when smoked. It can also be consumed with tea.

Different Types of Edibles Available at Trinidad’s Higher Calling U

There are many varieties of edibles available on the market today. The infused edibles can be categorized into different categories depending on their uptake. Categorized into Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, extract, and edible. Below are different types of strains found at Trinidad’s Higher Calling U.

  • Biochem Moonrocks. Biochem Moonrocks is in the Indica category, and it has 48.7% THC wax. It is composed of a cross between Chemdawg 4 and Sensi Star with sedative effects. It offers patients a relaxing experience that has a gentle headiness infusing the body with a soothing and soft haze. It has the aroma and taste of cream with notes of citrus and herbaceous greenery.
  • Sweet Tooth Cone. This strain is also found in the Indica category, and it has 16.6 % of THC wax. It emerged into the marijuana world at number one at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2001. It provides effects that are uplifting and euphoric, which are useful for combating headaches and stress. Other Indica strain types include Blueberry Blast Moonrock, The Ultra Walker Moonrock, King Louis XII, and 9 LB Hammer among others.
  • Durban Poison. This strain is also known as Land Race Strain. It is a hybrid and the pure landrace cultivar is the most known Sativa dominant variety. This is a classic strain that has remained relevant in the counter culture since the 1970s.
  • Cherry Lime Haze. The Cherry Lime Haze is a dominant Sativa that has a ratio of 80 to 20 Sativa/Indica proportion. Hence, it is more of a morning strain. Other hybrids include the Sour Diesel Caviar, Tangie, Maui Waui and many others.
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