November 30, 2021- It’s Tasty Tuesday! Recreational Menu

Buddha’s Oz 
Specials: $199

Crescendo Sour Cookies
Blackberry Octane
Wedding Cake

Strain of the Day: (No Limit!)

   $30 1/8th Connoisseur

Blackberry Octane

Buddha’s Oz Specials: 
$100 Oz Out-The-Door!

Golden Triangle / Tahoe Alien Outdoor / Sweet Tooth

$99.60 Oz ($125 O-T-D!)

Blue Dream / Gorilla Cookies / Glueberry OG

Today’s Extra 
Oz Specials: $120

NYC Diesel / Cherry Lime Haze / Crazy Glue / Mandarin Cookies
/ THCU Tahoe Alien

Today’s Extra 
Oz Specials: $149

Chunky Glory
Chem OG / Bubble OG  Gelato Cake

$5 Gram Special:

Sour Green Crack

(Try an 1/8th for $17.50!)

(Limit One)

Buddha’s Extra Specials:

20% Off Rosslyn Rosin!

20% Off Twax Cones!

25% Off Empire Diamonds Joker Caviar Cone

25% Off O.pen Cured Resin 1000mg Cartridges!

$8 Gram Special:

Samoa Kush

(Try an 1/8th for $25!)

(No Limit Today!)

Edibles of the Day:

25% Off
All Cheeba Chews Taffy & Green Hornet Gummies!

$10 Gram Special:

Pineapple Skunk #13

(As Supplies Last!)

Special of the Day: Tasty Tuesday!

10% Off All


Buddha’s Extra Specials:

Buy 8 grams of THCU House/Firefly/Ritual Wax and/or Shatter for $99!

10-33% Off Select 1g & 5-Pack PreRolls!

Buy a Become Cartridge, Get a Select Preroll for $0.10!

(All specials while supplies last)

November 30, 2021- It’s Tasty Tuesday! Recreational Menu
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