When you search, “Why people use marijuana” online, the first articles will lead you to websites for rehab centers. Over time, marijuana has been associated with addiction and drug abuse, and for this reason, there is generally negative opinion of it from anyone who does not use weed. The reasons people use marijuana today include popular culture, low perception of harm when high, peer influence, reduction of  anxiety and escaping reality, and curiosity, among other reasons.

Over time, researchers have found that the “high” which one achieves when they smoke can be controlled and medicinal benefits can be derived from it. For example, smoking a joint or a spliff is known to reduce anxiety and relax someone. When controlled for and regulated, this effect can be used by doctors when prescribing medicine.

The advantage? With a prescription, the negative effects associated with smoking are avoided as weed can be made into an edible and even smoked and ingested in alternative methods which pose minimal harm to the user. It is worthwhile to note the various benefits of marijuana, particularly sativas, in the medical marijuana arena.

The Medicinal Properties of Cannabis

Indica and Sativa are the most common strains of cannabis–with this article discussing the benefits and importance of Sativas in the grass-related medicinal arena. The list below explains the general medicinal properties of cannabis:

  • For anyone suffering from stress and anxiety issues, cannabis can be used to reduce irritability, depression, nervous exhaustion and agitation. Moreover, it can reduce the frequency epileptic fits mobility problems.
  • Cannabis can also be used for a patient suffering from insomnia. Depending on the strain used, cannabis can help whoever has consumed it to fall asleep much more easily, improve the duration of sleep and increase the ability to remember dreams.
  • Digestive issues can also be treated using cannabis. For anyone who suffers from a low appetite, the resin and seed cannabis can be used to increase the appetite, and the leaf and bud aid in getting rid of an irritable bowel. Diarrhea, stomach ache, and colic can also be reduced.
  • According to a number of medical websites, cannabis can be used to reduce the severity and even get rid of cancerous cells. The studies surrounding this are unconfirmed, but with the correct ratios of a number of chemical compounds found in cannabis, it can be used to reduce cancer.

The Sativa Strain

This is a herbaceous plant of the genus cannabis that is a source of industrial fiber, seed oil, recreation, and spiritual moods, among others. The seeds of cannabis Sativa are used for cooking and can be used as bird feed.

The Sativa strain has a higher percentage of THC to CBD, and therefore, the user of Sativa ends up more active than one taking Indica, which has more sedative effects.

In the medical field, Sativa is used to treat several diseases and disorders. They include the lack of appetite, chronic pain, and nausea. This is attributed to the high THC levels. The common strains of cannabis Sativa are Haze, Trainwreck, Kiwi Green, and Kali Mist White, among others.

The Benefits of Using Cannabis Sativa

  1. a) Sativa is a stimulant.

Depression is caused by low adrenaline level and reduced psych. Because Sativa acts as a stimulant, the Sativa strain counters this by increasing the adrenaline levels of anyone who utilizes it. However, it should not be used as the only solution to depression or other major health concerns.

  1. b) Sativa can treat a number of diseases and disorders.

Nausea, chronic pain, headaches, and migraines, low appetite and HIV/AIDs, can all have their symptoms reduced through the consumption of cannabis Sativa.

When you go shopping for Sativa Cannabis, ensure that you have a doctor’s prescription which you can find from a dispensary near you. Ensure that you take marijuana responsibly.

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