Marijuana Throughout History

Marijuana has been used since ancient civilization, and evidence of its use is found as early as 200 BC in China. In the ancient world, hemp was grown and harvested for its seeds, which were rich in protein, its oil and its fiber, which was used for making clothes. Hemp does not give the same high as other strains of marijuana, but it is a variety of the cannabis plant.

Other types of marijuana that could be used for medicinal purposes were grown shortly after hemp. The first evidence is found in China in 2700 BC where the Emperor, Shen Nung was said to have found out the healing properties of weed. The use of weed then spread throughout the world through trade, exploration, and war. Its use in the United Kingdom began in 1840, where it was apparently used by Queen Victoria to relieve menstrual cramps.

Marijuana and Current Events

The early 1990s saw the banning of marijuana across many states in the US, as at this time, the popular culture of smoking weed as joints and spliffs picked up, and more and more people started smoking marijuana without a prescription. This ban spread throughout the world, from the UK through the US and even by the then League of Nations. This was to curb the negative effects and addiction that was caused by the use of weed.

In 1930, a number of American companies started selling extracts of marijuana that had medicinal properties. These extracts were to be taken when prescribed by a doctor and for specific ailments. For this reason, a number of states regulated their marijuana laws to account for the use of marijuana as medicine.

A number of countries in the world, including Canada and a few states in the US, have legalized the personal use of marijuana. However, possession and cultivation are still illegal, but selling it for its medical purposes is legalized.

Will Marijuana Remedy My Symptoms?

At Trinidad’s Higher Calling, a Trinidad Colorado Dispensary we understand the medicinal properties of the different strains of weed. The benefits of weed for patients include:

These are just a few of the medicinal benefits that are associated with marijuana.

Which Type of Marijuana do I need for My Condition?

At Trinidad’s Higher Calling, we provide the following different strains of weed to cater to your particular illness, condition or ailment, including:


Cannabis Indica is well known for its relaxation property. It is, therefore, ideal for anyone suffering from insomnia, stress, and anxiety as it enables the body to relax. The weed menu at Trinidad’s Higher Calling for indica strains includes Blueberry Blast Moonrock, Ultra Walker Moonrock, Rare Darkness, among many others.



Sativa has a more uplifting effect and is used mainly by patients suffering from chronic pain, depression digestive issues and cancer. It has a higher THC level as compared to CBD level, and this is why it gives an adrenaline rush and stimulated more activity in the consumer. The menu here includes Sour Diesel Caviar, Durban Poison, Cherry Lime Haze, and several more.



Perhaps the effects you are looking for in a marijuana strain are much more specific and require a tailored effect. It may be that you want to feel more relaxed but still be able to treat a chronic migraine that you are experiencing. This is where the hybrid strains come in. The menu of hybrid strains on our website include Chem 4 Moonrock, Pura Vida, Jack Flash, among others. The THC levels are indicated to ensure that you get the potency that you are seeking.

Something For Everyone

More products available at the Trinidad, Colorado dispensary Trinidad’s Higher Calling U include edibles, extracts, and topicals, and you can visit our website to check out the specific types and strains. Or, drop on in and let one of our friends customer service representatives help you choose a product that is geared toward your unique concern!

Get Your Colorado Medical Marijuana Card Evaluation Now!

Getting a Colorado medical card is easier and cheaper than you might think. The state of Colorado moved from a mail-in application and check payment system to a new and more modern system done completely online, making it easier than ever. Get your Medical Marijuana Card in Trinidad, Colorado. Most electronic applications are confirmed or denied in 1-3 business days.

Have Any Questions?

There are so many new brands, strains, even ways to consume Cannabis safely and we are here to help guide you through the process of choosing Cannabis. Our knowledgable staff will answer all your questions and direct you to the best products for you. Whether recreational use or medical, we are here for you.

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