We are TasteBudz! Founded in 2017, our owners wanted to bring a gummy to market with more to offer than just THC distillate. We realized that Colorado needed a quality gummy brand and so we went to the drawing board with the goal to do things differently. TasteBudz gives customers the chance to experience a gummy with a full spectrum oil extracted by us always using single source strain specific cannabis in each one of our delicious flavors. This enables consumers and patients to pick the specific strains that work best for them rather than relying on food terpenes to make their edibles sativa / indica. We don’t think you can overstate the importance of improving consumer and patient access to holistic products that are really true to the plant and each cultivars unique benefits.

TasteBudz gummies are hand crafted from scratch in small batches to ensure the most enjoyable and delicious experience possible. Our gummies are made in-house with our proprietary full spectrum CO2 oil extract. The fundamental belief that quality in means quality out is a standard function here at TasteBudz. Unlike other edible companies we source all of our cannabis and ingredients to ensure the highest quality both in gummies and the underlying extracts that we produce in-house and infuse our products with. All of our in-house extractions use inputs with no non- organic herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides.

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